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As one of the most exciting technological advancements in the cosmetic industry, it’s difficult to ignore the stunning results nanoblading can offer your beauty regimen. When your eyebrows are calling out for a more permanent solution than your morning brow pencil routine, it’s time to look towards Nousha's Hair Studio for your answer.

We’re a boutique salon that caters to the ever-growing need for advanced beauty services. We offer a full suite of cosmetic tattoo services for you to choose from, including the latest nanoblading techniques.

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Superior Nanoblading for Bolder Brows

Just as the hype around microblading hit a fever pitch, the latest trend in brow enhancement hit the beauty scene: nanoblading. Similar to microblading techniques but performed using a different needle, nanoblading offers superior results for your permanent brows, depending on your skin type and goals.

Nousha's Hair Studio prides itself on being on par with the latest technological advancements in our industry, offering our clients the cosmetics services they need to stay on top of their beauty routine even when leading busy, demanding lives. We’ve researched and studied the nanoblading process down to the finest detail. We refine our techniques and invest in state-of-the-art tools to achieve the nanoblading results you need for long-lasting, gorgeous brows and makeup.

Benefits of Our Nanoblading Solutions

When our customers are offered a wide array of services for brow enhancement alone, it can make their heads spin. How do you choose one option over another? With our considerable experience in the technique and results achieved, we’ve narrowed down the host of perks you can enjoy from our signature nanoblading solutions.

Our techniques:

  • Help your brows appear fuller and give them shape and definition
  • Are customizable for each individual, depending on preference
  • Can last longer than microblading
  • Appear more natural and authentic
  • Allow for perfect precision

Expert Application for Long-Lasting Results

Our nanoblading process utilizes a single moving needle to apply pigment to your skin slowly. Nanoblading can be seen as a more time-consuming task since every single stroke is meticulously drawn using our tattoo machine, unlike microblading, which employs multiple strokes at once. However, the slower speed and pinpointed detail allow for long-lasting and detailed results. Once we’ve completed the basic brow shape with our nano strokes, you can take a look and let us know if you want more additions.

We customize and personalize each tattoo to suit your needs. Based on brow shape, style, size, and thickness, we work with you to determine the correct pigment and shade to achieve your goals. With our expert application, you can expect our results to last up to three years!

Choose Nousha's Hair Studio for Flawless Nanoblading Results

Nousha's Hair Studio’s techniques and tools are guaranteed to align with your skin’s needs and desired results. Gone are the days when a brow pomade and an angled brush were the only way to obtain a bold brow—now, you can achieve a full, defined brow for longer with our advanced permanent makeup techniques.

Ditch the tools of yesteryear and phone (262) 302-0697 to make the most of the beauty industry’s advancements.

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